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Buddy & Me Music
Yeti Bowl Music, Sound
Red Ice Music, Sound
Exec Sound
Newton! Music, Sound
Ma y Yo Kart (Molyjam 2012) Music, Sound
Monster's Bowl (Molyjam 2012) Music, Sound
Unbearable (Molyjam 2012) Music
rComplex Incidental Music
Remixes & Compilations
FZ: Side F Fez - "Nocturne"
25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute Oracle of Seasons - "To Everything There Is A Temple Of Seasons"
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Learn to write in different fonts (Series) Music
Mayor Measures (Documentary) Music
Coffee Quest (SCAD) Music, Sound
Somniferous Soliloquy (MassArt) Music, Sound